Meet the Owner - Kelly Bartko, CPA

I am a 15-year accounting professional and well versed in financial accounting and financial reporting for various industries. I'm a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, as well as a Sage Intaact and Netsuite accountant partner. I’m passionate about financial education and treating our environment with respect.

I have an accounting and finance degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  I obtained my CPA license in July 2011.  My accounting career started as a small business accountant where I spent my first 4 years.  I then landed an internship with a CPA firm in Birmingham, and within 7 years, I became a manager in the audit department.  The decision to leave the firm in Birmingham came as I decided to move to Atlanta.  My passion for financial education and joy for helping people developed the idea for my own accounting practice, hence, Green CPA Services was created.

My other passion is for the environment.  I love nature and outdoor activities, so personally I strive to do what I can to protect our mother Earth.  The accounting industry is one notorious user of paper, and every time I had to print out multiple copies of a report just to have it reviewed, it made me cringe.  I thought, surely there are other options and better processes we could implement to reduce paper usage.  This became a major part of my practice and led me to naming the business.

Through all of my years in accounting, the recurring constant I saw was the need to have solid accounting records, not just for the auditors, but mostly to make sound business decisions.  How can a company decide to create new job opportunities without knowing its effects on cash flow?  How can they decide to add a new location or business segment without truly seeing the performance of their work so far?  What if they want to add a new product line - how are their margins currently; what can they be?  How do they know they are maximizing tax deductions?  Basically, how can a business analyze data without the data or correct data?

Our services ensure your accounting records are accurate, complete, and audit, investor and decision ready at all times.  We help you streamline accounting processes, implement internal controls to safe-guard your assets, advise in decision making and give you piece of mind knowing your accounting is in trustworthy and knowledgeable hands.

Fun facts about me: I am a licensed skydiver, rock climber, scuba diver, backpacker & hiker, and lover of animals.


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